by The Pulse



This is the song for every whiny teenager who ever lived.


If you don't really care, then why are you crying?
Whayoh, whayoh
If you don't want me here, then why are you prying?
Whayoh whayoh
If you don't wanna soar, then why are you flying?
Whayoh whayoh
If you don't wanna live, then why are you trying?

Just open your heart to be.

If you don't really feel, then why are hurting?
If you don't like me, then why are you flirting?
If you don't really heal, then why are scabbing?
If you don't want to talk, then why are you gabbing?

If you don't want to see, why are you looking?
If you don't want to breathe, then why aren't you choking?
If you don't want to touch, then why are we hugging?
If you hate everything, then why are you loving?

Just open your heart to be

A wise man once told me you are the only
“you” you have so forget trying to fake your life
We think it's easy to fake and be sleazy
smiling might be easy to do, but it takes a grown man to cry

Just open your heart to be

If you just wanna go, then why are you still here?
If you don't wanna show, then why'dya show up dear?
If you don't wanna taste, then why did you eat it?
If you don wanna dance, then why have a fit?

If you want to believe, then do it; I dare you
If you just want to leave, then why do you stay true?
If you love giving in, then why don't you give up?
Because deep inside you know things'll get better

Just open your heart to be


released October 14, 2012


all rights reserved



The Pulse North Carolina

The Pulse is a local Durham/Chapel Hill rock band, comprised of 5 youthful musicians; Anna "Aimmity" Acha, Ben Felder, Josh Rubinstein, Scott Marks, and Joe Fallon. Pulling strong influence from the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as classic rock, pop, and funk sounds, we have something for everyone. ... more

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